Use our moving day Checklist.


Nothing is move vital to the success of the move than proper packing and preparation of your household goods. Our packers are professional, On moving day our packing crew will use professional packing material to provide the finest protection for your belongings.


Specialized cartons will be used for your china, glassware, prints, mirrors, valuable items and books. Quilted moving blankets are used to wrap furniture and items that can not be placed in cartons.


The proper preparation of your possessions for loading is essential to the success to your move. That is why most people prefer to have their household goods professionally packed. If you elect to pack your belongings these tips will assist you.



  • Use rigid heavy - duty cartons different sizes
  • Use clean packing paper


  • Wrap small items tissue paper so they will not be thrown out with packing material.
  • Do not over fill or under fill cartons; this increase risk of damage to your possessions
  • Pack Heavier items on bottom cartons and lighter items on top.
  • Pack items snugly so they will not move in transport.
  • Cartons should not exceed (50 lbs) 23 KG when packed.
  • Cartons must be sealed with tape and flat.
  • Roll and tie electrical cords so they don’t tangle.
  • If you need to move liquids fasten and tape lids, seal in plastic individual bags.
  • Cushion every carton with clean packing paper.



These items are easily damaged and should be packed or crated Professionally.




Place 3”-4” layer of crushed paper in the bottom of sturdy carton. Place several layers of wrapping on your work table. Place one pate on the paper and fold the corner of one or two sheets diagonally over the plate. Place another plate on top and fold another piece of paper over it. Add two more plates in the same manner. Fold the sides of the paper over the bundle and roll the plates, keeping the sides of paper straight for neat bundle. Place bundle on edge in carton and pack snug. When you have completed a layer in the carton, place another layer of crushed paper over it. Fill the carton, adding a layer of cushioning paper after each tier. Leave space at the top of the carton for a cushion of paper, then fold the top flat, seal with tape and label.




Shipped at Owner’s risk. Pack in cartons taller than your plants. Use lots of paper between pots to keep them upright




Wrap carefully in tissue paper or towels and pack individually. Mark on carton ”Fragile”.



Pack on edge in small cartons for weight.




Uses up as much food as possible before you move. Do not ship canned goods during freezing weather. Wrap and tape box closed . Do not ship perishables. Avoid moving glass.




Pack vertically in carton, cushion well with paper, linens, or blankets. containers; if you must ship them, seal I watertight packaging and place upright.




DOs & DON'Ts



  • Heavier items in cartons should be placed on the bottom layer and the lightest and most fragile items on top
  • Each carton should b labelled on sides and top
  • Small articles such as salt and pepper shakers should be wrapped in colourful paper in small boxes so the don`t get tossed in the paper when you unwrap.
  • Each fragile item should be wrapped separately.
  • All cartons should be sealed with strong tape.
  • Name the room where it should go. List contents, either in carton or in a note book to help you remember for ease of unpacking on moving day.

Don't ...

  • When filled, no carton should weigh more than 23 kg or 50 lbs.
  • Do not use garbage bags for packing. As they tear easy and do not protect your goods our trucks have cartons if you require more.
  • Cartons should not be overfilled. Top should close flat and nothing should stick out of them





To start, floor runners will be put down to protect your carpets and floors during the loading process.


Your furniture will be wrapped in clean, quilted moving pads for extra protection.


All Upholstered items such as sofas and chairs will be wrapped in quilted pads. If your home is not ready we can store for you until your home is ready – (Storage Available)





If no storage is required , the office will contact you at least 24 hours in advance to confirm your scheduled delivery time.


When the driver arrives at your new home, the crew will put down floor runners to protect your carpets and floors.


Items will be unloaded, unwrapped and placed in the house as you direct them.






Allow time for you electronics household appliances (TV, DVD, Stereo, VCR, Computer, etc.) to adjust to room temperature before turning on.


Our crew will re-assemble and place your furniture, and leave labelled cartons in the correct rooms.